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How to clean linen, cotton and other bedding sets

The bedding at home is linen or cotton. I don’t know how to clean it, or I am planning to buy cotton bedding. Then these points can come in handy!


Use and wash linen
When cleaning linen, it should be noted that high-quality linen fabrics must be pre-shrinked before production and processing. The shrinkage rate is generally 3%. However, most linens do not shrink, and shrinkage will occur after washing. The shrinkage rate is about 10%, and some are more serious. When cleaning, dry cleaning is recommended.


1. When washing linen bedding, first set the highest water level, remember to set the washing machine for gentle washing. This can keep the bedding from being damaged while cleaning and cleaning.

2. Do not wash too many bedding at one time, otherwise it may cause your bedding to be twisted and deformed.

3. If there are clothes or bedding of other materials in the washing machine, make sure that its color, weight and washing method are the same as those of linen bedding.

4. If it is hand-washing, pay attention to the technique to be gentle-don't scrub or twist the mattress hard. For bedding that is not particularly dirty or loosely woven, we generally recommend to wash it by hand, so as to completely avoid the possibility of being washed off by the washing machine.

5. Linen clothes and home textiles must be washed with cold or warm water, not ice or hot water.

6. Linen cloth can only be cleaned with mild detergent to ensure that no detergent will remain before drying.

7. If your linen bedding has been pre-cleaned during the production process (you can also check the label before buying the bedding, there will be related instructions above), then you can use a dryer to dry it. When the linen is still slightly wet, just set the low-temperature dryer and throw it into the dryer.

8. When the linen bedding is made in the sun, the surface should be as flat as possible. On the bedding, hangers or clothespins may leave marks and may cause deformation of the bedding.

9. If the linen mattress needs ironing, please iron it when the clothes are still slightly wet.


The use and cleaning of cotton cloth.
The cotton cloth is clean and the precautions for cleaning the cotton cloth; the cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can be cleaned with various soaps and detergents. Before washing, it can be soaked in water for a few minutes, but not too long, so as not to damage the color. Underwear stickers should not be soaked with hot water, so as to prevent the perspiration protein from solidifying and adhering to the clothes, and then the macula appears. Try to avoid washing with hot water when cleaning, so as not to increase the shrinkage rate. It is best to clean the bed with a cotton cloth at 20-30 degrees. When rinsing, you can master the "small amount of times" method, that is, you do not need to use a lot of water for each rinse, but you need to wash several times. In order to improve the cleaning efficiency, wring dry after each flushing and flush again. Clothes should be dried in a ventilated, cool, and ventilated place to avoid strong light exposure to fade colored fabrics. Features: moisture absorption, soft hand feel, comfortable and hygienic to use. The wet strength is greater than the dry strength, but it is generally strong and durable. It has good colorability, soft luster and natural beauty. Alkaline resistance and high temperature alkali treatment can be made into cotton. Anti-wrinkle, shrinkage, shrinkage.