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How to prevent elastic cloth from moving in the rinsing process

In the dyeing process of cowboy products, the loss of disadvantage is caused, and it is basically unmolivable, so it must be done, so it is necessary to do quality problems before production, ensure that quality problems in large production. According to the physical and chemical properties of polyurethane fibers The spandex elastic denim products caused by loss during washing process, mainly due to improper process formulation or improper operation, resulting in disadvantage, and soluble, etc.



During the rinsing process, a nitrogen-chlorine bleaching agent is formed in the hypochlorite solution due to the spandex, and the fiber damage is more severe. When the rinsing, the water temperature in the cylinder is too high or the time is too long, and the spandex will degrade, causing the fabric to be lost. So how do you avoid the loss of the rinsing?


(1) Do a good job in the production test;

(2) After the production of drifting water must be deployed, it can be injected into the cylinder and prohibited directly;

(3) It must be added to the equipment rotation conditions to prevent local concentrations from being lost;

(4) Whey the water remains in the clothing of high temperature, chlorine release causes spandex degradation, pay attention to the drifting cleaning work;

(5) Strengthen the management of online work, monitor production conditions, prevent processing temperature or time over process requirements cause quality problems.