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Focusing on the new value and contribution of the industry, the 2020 3rd World Cloth Merchant Conference will be held soon!

In 2020, global events such as the new crown epidemic and geo-conflict have brought unprecedented negative effects. The epidemic once again shows that mankind is a community with a shared future. In the face of severe global challenges, no matter whether international, regional or industry problems can be solved in isolation, it is necessary to formulate "systematic solutions." In the face of the complicated external environment, the global textile industry must achieve steady development amidst changes. It urgently needs to deepen exchanges, enhance understanding, strengthen consensus, close cooperation, and explore paths.

On October 26-29, the "2020 Third World Cloth Merchant Conference" will be held in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. With the theme of "New Industrial Value·New Contributions of Textiles-Responsibility of the Textile Industry in the Restart of the World Economy", the conference will pass the theme conference, the roundtable meeting of world-renowned enterprises, the 8th Keqiao Fashion Week in 2020, and the 22nd China in 2020. Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Expo (Autumn) and a series of activities, unite global industrial forces, discuss industry innovation and value development, discuss industrial synergy and cooperation plans, and explore solutions to promote the world's textile innovation synergy, wisdom synergy, and resource synergy , Highlighting the morality and responsibility of the industry.

Global industry elites "cloud" gather in Keqiao

This conference will implement the “online + offline” dual-venue model based on the normal prevention and control of the epidemic, and live online to the world simultaneously. It is reported that the organizing committee of the conference has extensively contacted industry associations and well-known enterprises in more than 50 key textile countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, and Vietnam.

At that time, from China Textile Industry Federation, China Chamber of Commerce, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, China Association for the Promotion of International Multinational Corporations, Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government of the Communist Party of China, International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), International Garment Alliance, Alibaba Group Leaders from authoritative organizations such as Shenzhou International Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Engineering, international heavyweight guests, and international business, academia, and industry leaders will participate in the conference.

Three highlights focus on the road to economic restart

Focusing on "hot spots of the times", aggregating "multiple content", and gathering "international alliances" are the three outstanding highlights of the 3rd World Conference on Distributors.

In terms of topics, the conference will focus on how to achieve new breakthroughs and new values ​​in the industry during the economic restart in the post-epidemic era, and discuss the integration of the global textile supply chain, the construction of a new cooperation system, the digital transformation of industries, sustainable fashion innovation, and industry Hot topics such as security. The conference will follow the spirit of the "World Cloth Merchants Declaration" of integration and common progress, and gather industry wisdom to discuss good development strategies in the post-epidemic era.

In terms of content, the conference consists of five major sections: theme conferences, roundtables of world-renowned companies, the 8th Keqiao Fashion Week in 2020, Keqiao Textile Expo in Autumn 2020, and industry visits. The theme conferences and roundtables of world-renowned companies will look forward to the recovery of the global textile industry from a global perspective. Keqiao Fashion Week will focus on the theme of "Fashion Sources, Innovative Places", and gather more than ten fashion creative activities such as fashion shows, brand releases, event awards, product presentations, fashion forums, online marketing, and live delivery. With the theme of "International, Fashion, Green, High-end", the 2020 Autumn Textile Expo will hold both online and offline exhibitions.

In terms of lineup, in order to promote the consensus and cooperation of all parties in the global textile industry, and to effectively promote the recovery of the industry, this conference will hold the "Hand in Hand, Common Development" World Cloth Merchants International Alliance video release ceremony. The organizing committee of the conference will invite industry representatives from more than 50 countries around the world to express their opinions through videos, expounding their prospects and suggestions for the future development of the industry, and further promote global textile trade cooperation. At the same time, this conference will also hold the "2020 Shaoxing Keqiao Textile City Overseas Joint Chamber of Commerce Establishment Ceremony and Textile City Overseas Tinder Plan Global Release Ceremony", "China Keqiao Textile Climate Action Declaration", "China Printing and Dyeing Museum" Activities such as the licensing ceremony and the appointment ceremony of the council members of the World Cloth Merchants Conference.

Since 2018, Shaoxing Keqiao has successfully held two World Cloth Merchants Conference for two consecutive years. The main theme of the conference is "Win-Win Cooperation and Responsible Development", adhering to the principle of "Discussion, Co-construction and Sharing", and actively build a "Open, pragmatic and high-end" international textile cooperation platform. The two conferences not only demonstrated to the world the international influence and industry voice of Keqiao’s 100 billion-class textile industry cluster and the world’s largest textile trading market, but also contributed to building a global textile industry chain synergy system, promoting industrial interconnection and multi-domain interoperability. The cooperation has made a positive contribution.

The 3rd World Cloth Merchants Conference will further unblock cooperation bridges, close international cooperation, and join hands with global industrial forces to build a new pattern of "dual cycle" development, continue to broaden the open channels of "Silk Road Keqiao", and polish up "important windows". Spindu gold business card.