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Leisure fabric storage fire measures

First, the location selection of the leisure fabric warehouse should avoid prosperous markets, which is to choose from near the edge of the city and have a water source, and the wind direction or side wind direction or side of the wind direction, and should repair the wall or take other protection. measure. In addition, there is a specific requirement of the relevant provisions of the accommodation and outdoor variable power stations, the outdoor variable distribution power station, the outdoor variable power station.


Second, the casual fabric warehouse and the yard must not build flammable buildings, and there is not a lounge in the warehouse to keep the staff. The fire-resistance level, layers and area of ​​the warehouse should meet the relevant regulations.


Third, in the process of storage, the casual fabric stored in the warehouse should have a certain limit. Moreover, there should be a certain passage between the stacks. The width of the main passage is maintained at least 2 meters, and the small passage is maintained at least 1.5 meters, which is maintained and ventilated. In the warehouse of one or secondary heat-resistance, the tropical roof is not less than 2 meters; in the warehouse of the human-shaped roof and the three-level refractory level, the housing is not less than 1 meter.


It should be noted that when the open-air or semi-lap-lapse is more than 5,000 tons of casual fabrics, it is necessary to set a branch field, and the fire spacing between the yards shall not be less than 30 meters. Each bottom area should be less than 100 square meters, and the odd is not more than 6 meters. The stacking group is arranged, each group is less than 6, and the distance between the bullings is greater than 6 meters, and the distance between the group and the group is greater than 15 meters. The distance between the stack and the outer wall is greater than 5 meters. The pile needs to do moisture-proof measures, the top of the pile is covered, prevent rain, the fire falls into the 垛.


In addition, the warehouse of the casual fabric must not be installed with power cords and electrical devices, and the lighting light can be used in the library. Before the power supply is not changed, the power should be used in the library to have an outlet outside the library. It is introduced into the library with a non-damaged jointless rubber cable. After using it, immediately cut off the power. Leisure fabrics should not be stacked below the wires, sockets and lit.