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Nylon cloth manufacturers introduce the application range of nylon cloth

1. Nylon cloth is suitable for inkjet printers (commonly known as large inkjet printers) and outdoor photo machines for direct inkjet printing.

2. Nylon cloth with reflective material is suitable for solvent-based ink Solvent PVC Ink (commonly known as oil-based ink).

3. Do not use indoor printers and water-based inkjet printing.

4. Nylon cloth can be printed with general solvent-based inks to achieve reflective effect, and if the finely processed ink is selected, the reflective effect can be enhanced.

5. According to the different thicknesses of crystal grids, please adjust the height of the nozzle appropriately to avoid rubbing the nozzle.

6. When using an inkjet printer equipped with heating and drying equipment, please properly lower the heating temperature and ink output to avoid abnormal phenomena such as air bubbles. (The bubble phenomenon does not affect the reflection and picture effect).



7. After printing, please dry it in the sun for a while before making it. The drying time depends on the amount of coloring, printing accuracy, and environmental humidity. The greater the amount of coloring, the higher the printing accuracy, and the greater the ambient humidity, the longer the drying time required.

8. Before printing, please ensure that the surface of the crystal color grid is clean and free of debris.

9. Do not touch directly with your hands after printing to avoid leaving marks.

10. Nylon cloth During the printing process, please pay attention to possible misalignment and reflective phenomena. Please use manual monitoring and adjustment for the use of reflective printing cloth.

Nylon cloth can be divided into two types, one is nylon cloth in the traditional sense, and the other is reflective printing cloth. material.

The manufacturing principle of nylon cloth is: glass beads with high refractive index are coated or coated on the surface of the cloth base, so that ordinary cloth can reflect light under the irradiation of light. It is mainly used in products related to road traffic safety. It is widely used in reflective clothing, various professional clothing, work clothes, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective equipment, outdoor products, etc., and can also be manufactured into various reflective products. , Reflective heat transfer.