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Spandex Fabrics - Advantages

Spandex fabric is frequently regarded as the ultimate dress fabric. This is largely because it has such a high characteristic for stretching and recovering. Besides swimming, spandex fabric is also considered to be the ideal choices for different kinds of dresses and clothing that are most appropriate for a host of sporting activities. In fact, this type of fabric has become so popular lately that most clothing designers have included it in designing the latest fashions. As such, if you want to look the most fashionable, then you might want to consider including spandex in your wardrobe.


However, it is not only the spandex fabric's attractive looks that make it the perfect choice for clothes. If we carefully study the qualities of both fabrics like nylon and spandex, we will realize that the former can be said to be more eco-friendly than the latter. Nylon is considered by most environmental impact specialists to be more hazardous to the environment. For example, its construction causes an enormous amount of waste especially during its manufacturing. Aside from being an expensive fabric, nylon is also one of the highly traded commodities which is further used for nylon products like nylon stockings and nylon pantyhose.

Spandex on the other hand, while considered by many as a textile fabric, is actually a woven textile fabric having a stiff rayon backing. Unlike nylon, the fiber that is used in spandex fabric does not undergo chemical processing which in turn reduces the toxic chemical emissions during manufacture. The fibers used in this fabric are also known to withstand very high heat thus making it an excellent choice for use in hot clothing.


Also, aside from its great heat retention ability, spandex fabric has a lot of stretch since it can withstand stretching without losing its elasticity. Applying this fabric to our bodies can actually help us attain a slim looking body since spandex fabric maintains the right level of elasticity depending on our weight. We can actually achieve a more defined look, if we can maintain the elasticity of our skin especially those parts that have a little excess fat and skin. These garments are also great for people who have a very limited range of motion. These types of elastic garments are flexible enough to allow only small movements without being instantly subjected to any stretch.


Aside from its many qualities, another great feature of this fabric is its breathability, which makes it perfect for people who are often engaged in physical activity and yet wish to keep their sweat away from their bodies. This fabric works perfectly with sports such as soccer, basketball, and track. Because it retains its elasticity even when wet, it is a popular choice for those who are engaged in physical activities for a long period of time. This is because Lycra garments made of spandex fabric will allow air circulation which keeps your skin dry all throughout.


So what are you waiting for? Buy some spandex apparel today and show your kids a different look. If you want to get the most elastic look, then it would be best if you buy products made from pure cotton spandex fabric. Pure cotton has less elasticity but the same comfort and ease of wearing.