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Stretch woven lining fabric is lightweight and flexible

Whether you're looking for a lining for a dress or skirt, you've come to the right place. Stretch woven lining fabric comes in a variety of options. Choose solids, prints, off-price, and plain weave fabrics. You can also find stretch woven poly/lycra linings.


Stretch woven lining fabric is lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for many undergarment applications. Contrary to popular belief, organdy is not only suitable for flatlining skirts and underlining bodices, but it can also be used as a collar and cuff. In addition to being used as a lining fabric, organdie is suitable for many other uses, including interlinings and belts.


While this lightweight, crisp, see-through fabric is often confused with organza, the former is made of silk or synthetic fibers, while the latter is made of cotton. Cotton organdie holds more wrinkles than organza and crushes easily. It is also more difficult to work with than organza because it is constructed using a plain weave with tight twisted yarns. It also has a more rigid feel and is less drapey than organza.


While organdy is lightweight and crisp, it does not retain its colour when worn. In fact, cotton organdy is often used as an underlining in bridal gowns and fine garments. It can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle and dried on low heat. It is suitable for dry-cleaning and ironing, but due to the nature of this fabric, it cannot be guaranteed to be a specific colour.


Organza is a type of woven lining fabric, often used in wedding gowns and other high-end fashion pieces. It has a beautiful shimmering appearance, and its name reflects its pearlescent appearance. The environmental impact of organza varies, depending on the type of material and how it is made. Some organza fabrics are made of synthetic materials while others are organic or non-GMO. In any case, the price of organza varies widely.



Silk organza is a popular material for bridal gowns and other high-end fashion dresses. It is lightweight and is suitable for the spring and summer seasons. Due to its structured drape, fashion designers often prefer organza when creating full dresses. Whether a dress features a high neckline or a low-cut waistline, designers can create any desired silhouette by combining different textures and fabrics with organza.


If you're looking for a lightweight, smooth lining for your garments, you may want to try polyester stretch woven liners. These materials are available in a wide range of colors, and they offer excellent drape and opacity. Unfortunately, rayon does not have any breathable properties, and its slippery texture is not recommended for use in high-performance applications. It also does not absorb odors or sweat, so you'll want to use a different type of fabric.


Stretch woven linings are used for a variety of garments, including sportswear, activewear, and dresses. They are available in solids, off-price and lycra-based fabrics. The main difference between woven and knit linings is the type of material used. Woven linings tend to be heavier and thicker than knit linings, and are often a better choice for athletic-wear.