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T-shirt fabric characteristics

1. Moisture absorbing: cotton fiber has better hygroscopicity, in normal case, the fibers can absorb moisture in the atmosphere around the surrounding atmosphere, so it is in contact with the human skin, so people feel soft and Not stiff. If the wettivity of cotton T-shirt increases, the surrounding temperature is high, and the amount of water contained in the fibers will be evaporated to keep the fabric to maintain a water equilibrium, making people feel comfortable.


2. Moisturizing: Since cotton fibers are poor conductors of heat and electricity, the heat transfer coefficient is extremely low, but since cotton fibers themselves have porous, high elasticity, the fibers can accommodate a lot of air, and the air is thermal and electricity. The conductor, so the cotton fiber textile has good moisturizing, wearing a cotton T-shirt apparel to make people feel warm.

3. Heat resistance: The pure cotton T-shirt is good, and the washing and printing, etc. has no effect on the fabric, thereby increasing the weaning of cotton T-shirts.


4. Alkali-resistance: cotton fibers have a large resistance to base, cotton fibers are in alkaline solutions, and the fibers do not destroy the phenomenon. This performance is advantageous for use after contaminated washing, disinfection and except impurities, and can also pure cotton Textiles are dyed, printed, and various process processing to produce new new varieties of cotton. The cotton T-shirt fabric is inspected and practiced in many ways, and there is no irritation of the fabric and skin contact, no negative effect, and it is harmless to the human body for a long time.