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What are the characteristics of nylon fabric

Nylon fabric is also a common and commonly used fabric in luggage customization. Among them, nylon fabrics are mostly used for lightweight luggage. Today, let's briefly describe the characteristics of nylon fabrics, let's learn about them together.


1. Good wear resistance
The abrasion resistance of nylon fabric ranks first among all kinds of fabrics, and it is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, so it has excellent durability.


2. Good air permeability
The hygroscopicity of nylon fabrics is better than that of synthetic fiber fabrics, so the bags made of nylon will be more comfortable and breathable.



3. Good portability
Nylon is a lightweight fabric, and the weight of the bag produced will be lighter than that of other fabrics, which is more conducive to travel use.


4. Good elasticity
The elasticity and elastic recovery of nylon fabrics are excellent, but they are easily deformed under the action of external forces, so computer bags made of nylon fabrics require special attention to maintenance.


5. Poor heat resistance and light resistance