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What is the characteristics of polyester brocade?

In the textile field, we can see a variety of fabrics, which is called polyester brocade, or it can be called a chameleon, or two-color cloth. This polyester brocade is a different dyeing mechanism with polyester and nylon fibers, thereby producing flash effects, and is a representative product of the current fiber integrated fabric.


So, mainly what kind of clothing is used for making it? Due to its special performance, the current polyester brocade is mainly used as an upper selection fabric that fashion and dress. Under normal circumstances, the brocade fabric is a 88% polyester wire, 9% nylon wire (nylon wire), 3% spandex, thus can be attributed to a wire fabric. Like other wire fabrics, the surface contains metal gloss, vividly flashing, and varies with the change of the light source.


If the current application is analyzed, in fact, the polyester interleaved fabric is also common in our daily lives, which is commonly used in a chemical fiber clothing fabric. The advantage is that the anti-wrinkle is very good, suitable for jacket clothing, various bags and tents. It also has high strength and flexibility.


Not only that, this type of interweaving fabric is still very strong, anti-wrinkle is free. In addition, it is easy to dry, the humidity is unchanged, the non-deformation, and the good washing performance make it loved by many consumers. It is preferred as the raw material of life clothing. It is highlight of the recent market sales with the advantages of quality, most, has more beautiful, beautiful, and cost-to-life, and is expected to continue to be optimistic.


This type of interleaving fabric is in the process of processing, first, using the spray loom to complete the interleaving, depending on the different requirements, it can be divided into different specifications. Since this interleaved fabric contains two fibers, there is only the style of the nylon fabric, and the polyester has a smooth color light, which has two-color effect on the appearance, and the product is continuously extended.