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Analysis of the effect of high-strength polyester fabrics

For high-strength polyester fabrics, it has the characteristics of high strength, low elongation contrast, and high modulus contrast. The crack elongation probability is less than or equal to 12%.


This high-strength polyester fabric can be used not only in traditional leather thread, quilting thread, and canvas industry, but also in fishnet thread, cable thread, light box advertising cloth, advanced sunshade awning cloth, geotechnical materials and It has been widely used in canoeing, military industry, etc.


High-strength polyester fabric is a filament used in the polyester industry with high strength and moderate thickness in the polyester industrial yarn. Its fiber degree is greater than or equal to 550 dtex. According to its function, it can be divided into higher dividend strength, lower stretching function, lower high modulus shrinkage type, high strength and low shrinkage type, active type and so on.



The above types of polyester industrial yarns with high modulus and low shrinkage have excellent functions such as large cracking strength, high elastic modulus, low elongation probability, and good impact resistance. They are gradually used in tires and mechanical rubber products. It replaces the situation of the usual standard polyester industrial yarn. Among them, the high-strength and low-stretch type polyester industrial yarn has the advantages of higher strength, lower elongation, higher modulus, and higher dry heat shrinkage rate. It is now mainly used in tire cords and conveyor belts. The warp of canvas and the aspects of vehicle seat belts and conveyor belts.


High-strength polyester fabrics have distinct advantages according to different types of functions. They are widely used in demanding industries, exerting their infinite functions and improving the quality of finished products.