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Blended Fabric is made by combining one or more synthetic fibres so that a new fibre is formed with different characteristics. The end result is a product which is more durable, easier to care for or even more comfortable. This new type of textile is also called Microfibre or blended Fibre because it combines the best qualities of bulk and fine fibres. The term microfibre is derived from the files’ size, which is almost microscopic. Thus the new textile combines both the benefits of fibre and ease of care.Our company’s blended fabrics have good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, are not easy to shrink, wrinkle, and are easy to dry.

Jiangsu Chuanhong Fabric Co., Ltd is professional China Blend Fabric Suppliers and Blend Fabric Manufacturers. Company relies on the advantages of Shengze chemical fiber fabric production base that produces thousands of fabrics and the strength of Shenghong Group. We have nearly 20 years of finished product trading experience and nearly 30 years of printing and dyeing processing experience. Relying on the long-term stable supply chain system and the price support of Shenghong Printing and Dyeing advantage, and to ensure quality, we are committed to providing the best price plan. The company has 10 imported circular jacquard big round machines, 25 imported electronic rapier machines, 150 domestic rapier machines, covering an area of over 10,000 square meters. We also custom Wholesale nylon Blend Fabrics.