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    Established in 2005, Chuanhong Fabric is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales of chemical fiber woven lining, stretch woven lining fabrics. Meet national standards, American standards, European standards, Japanese standards and other customer-specific standards.

  • Advanced Technology & Quality

    Products include recycled fabrics, woven Fabric, T400/T800 fabrics, stretch woven lining fabric, the 4-way spandex fabric, functional fabrics, wide ranges. Nearly 30 years of printing and dyeing processing experience. With all the products, the company serves medium and high-end brand customers at home and abroad.

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Chuanhong is outstanding

stretch woven lining fabric manufacturers and woven fabric suppliers in China

, we are specialize in printing and dyeing chemical filament fiber, ultrafine fiber which used in medium-high grade fabrics and lining.
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