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What does functional fabric mean?

Everyone should be very unfamiliar with the term functional fabric manufacturers, but if you talk about jackets, mountaineering clothes, and quick-drying clothes, you must know. These clothes are not much different in appearance from the clothes we usually wear, but they have some "special" functions, such as waterproof, fast air drying, etc. This is the credit of functional fabrics.

Functional fabrics refer to changing the properties of the fabrics, adding various functional preparations and processes during the production process and finishing, so that the fabrics have special effects and super performance.



Functional fabric manufacturers are generally divided into two categories
1. Sports functional fabrics
This type of fabric is mainly used for mountaineering clothes, ski clothes, and jackets.

Sports functional fabrics test shrinkage, seam slip, elongation strength, tear strength, PH value, water resistance, water pressure resistance, moisture permeability, rain, light, water stains, sweat stains, friction, machine wash and other physical properties index.

2. Leisure functional fabrics
This kind of fabric is mainly casual and fashionable, pays attention to fine workmanship, soft hand feeling and comfortable wearing.