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Common problems and countermeasures in waterproof and oil-proof finishing

Water and oil repellent finishing has been developing rapidly in recent years. Organic fluorine resin is a kind of excellent performance of waterproof and oilproof finishing agent, it is widely used in clothing, high-grade interior decoration, shoes and socks, bed sheets, bags and other kinds of products because of its high effectiveness, not easy to deteriorate, easy to use and other advantages. However, many printing and dyeing manufacturers in the use of organic fluorine finishing agent, often encountered some problems, such as; the initial waterproof performance, poor durability, waterproof stains and stripes produced, color and light great change, etc.. For the above problems, through a number of experiments, to find the causes of the problem, and put forward the main countermeasures to solve the problem.


Problem 1, the initial waterproof performance is bad
Through the experiment, that the initial waterproof performance of the main reasons for the poor performance are three.

First, the processing of cloth; refining or dyeing cloth cleaning is not sufficient, cloth residual refining agent, leveling agent, dispersant, penetrating agent and other additives.

Secondly, the problem of working fluid, the use of improper concentration or concentration changes in processing; or, the working fluid is affected by mechanical agitation, temperature, spell with chemicals, etc., and the stability is affected. Then there is improper working fluid preparation order.

Third, the processing conditions of the reasons, waterproofing agent selection is inappropriate, or drying and baking conditions are not sufficient, uneven. The main countermeasures to solve the above problems can be started from the following aspects.

The main countermeasures.
1. Before waterproofing processing, the processing cloth should be fully washed.

2. Select a waterproofing agent suitable for processing fibers, and constantly replenish the newly prepared working solution as much as possible during processing. Strengthen the processing cloth temperature management, avoid drying the hot cloth directly into the studio. Understand the compatibility of the spelling agent, according to the order of preparation of working fluid, when other additives diluted with warm water need to be cooled before adding AG series waterproofing agent. Prepared working solution needs to be used within 24h.

3. drying, baking temperature should be uniform, baking temperature should not be too low, generally above 140 ℃.



Problem 2, waterproofing agent durability performance is poor
1. processing cloth washing is not sufficient.
2. processing conditions, especially baking conditions do not meet.
3. cross-linking agent, resin, color fixing agent impact.

Main countermeasures:
1. Wash the cloth fully after dyeing with direct or reactive dyestuff and fixing color.
2. Choose suitable cross-linking agent or resin and use it within the shelf life.


Problem 3. Waterproof stain generation
1. Poor stability of working solution. This can be determined by observing the surface layer of the working fluid after high speed stirring and whether there is scum on the rollers.
2. May produce malignant bubbles. This can be touched by hand, if the lump, become slag, that is, malignant bubble.

The main countermeasures.
1. pay attention to control the working fluid temperature does not exceed 35C.
2. found malignant bubble, add stabilizer (isopropyl alcohol).




Problem 4, waterproof strip spot generated
1. Uneven dyeing.
2. Uneven rolling pressure, resulting in uneven rolling liquid.
3. poor permeability of the working fluid, liquid flow down, this phenomenon is mostly seen in high density and other fabrics with poor permeability.

Main countermeasures.
1. Ensure uniform dyeing.
2. Use uniform rolling car, and pay attention to often clean the rollers and rolling trough.
3. Use waterproof agent with high permeability and spell with permeating agent.


Problem 5, color and light have great changes
1, the cause.
The main reason for the change in color and light is caused by the deepening effect of fluorine containing resin. This is also in the waterproofing process can not completely avoid the phenomenon.

2, the main countermeasures.
Solve the color change can be confirmed through the preparatory test the degree of color change, and then color matching; processing as far as possible in a timely manner to replenish the newly prepared working fluid (automatic addition of liquid device is better), to prevent the head and tail color difference.

These are the problems that often occur in waterproof and oilproof finishing. We choose a variety of waterproof and oilproof finishing agent for testing, found that by using the above measures, and the choice of excellent waterproof and oilproof finishing agent, basically solve the above problems, improve the waterproof and oilproof effect, waterproof orders made by the customer satisfaction rate is high. In short, the choice of suitable waterproof and oilproof finishing agent, will provide a good basis for the waterproof and oilproof finishing of fabrics; in the finishing process, processing cloth, working fluid and processing conditions is to obtain good waterproof and oilproof effect of the guarantee.