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How to quickly identify pure cotton fabrics?

There are many ways to identify whether it is pure cotton on the Internet, the most direct one is the burning method, but when buying, you can tell the store: Boss, I want to see if it is pure cotton, let me burn it to see how ?

It is estimated that the boss will scold people, or you must buy it first and then burn it. Therefore, the identification method of burning can only be identified after the fact.


How can I tell if it is pure cotton before buying it?
One grasp: Grab the fabric with a handful of hands, and then release it. If it is severely wrinkled, it means that the cotton component is mostly, otherwise, it is mostly other components.

Second look: pure cotton fabrics are relatively light in luster, not strong in reflection, and look softer. The easiest way is to look at the washing water label of the clothing: 100% cotton.

Three touches: The feel of pure cotton fabrics is softer and more comfortable than other textures (except for silk, of course).


The following methods are methods you can experiment with after purchasing.
Washing: High-count and high-density pure cotton fabrics shrink less, wrinkle after washing, and recover immediately after drying.

Cover: Cotton clothing is easy to absorb moisture and does not feel stuffy.

Burning: smoke a piece of fabric fiber or a small piece of fabric to burn, pure cotton can burn, accompanied by the smell of burning paper, the ashes turn black, and can be completely crushed by hand.