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Which fabric sofa is good

Simple style is pastoral style and is a popular style for modern home decoration. The most distinctive furniture is the fabric sofa, which can directly reflect the characteristics of this style. There are also many materials for fabric sofas, so which fabric sofa is good?

1. Linen
Linen has the advantages of being strong, wear-resistant and not easy to break. At the same time, it is moderately soft and hard, and it will not feel sticky when sitting on it in hot summer. The fabric sofa made of this fabric is durable. If there are children at home who like to jump on it, consider the linen sofa. However, the linen sofa is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and try to avoid washing with water. Dry cleaning is recommended.


2. Flannel
The first impression of flannel sofas is often the soft and delicate touch. The price of flannel in the past was relatively high, but now it is very close to the people. The well-proportioned color and good feel make many families like to use flannel sofas. When choosing flannel, the higher the density of the fleece, the better, and the thicker it is. It has the advantage of anti-stain, but it is easy to absorb dust and generate static electricity. It is more convenient to wipe it with clean water.



3. Polyester
Polyester refers to synthetic fibers. It has good elasticity, is wear-resistant and easy to clean. More importantly, it is cheap, so it is loved by many renters. However, the breathability of polyester fabric sofas is very general, and sitting for a long time will make people sweat, especially in hot summer without air conditioning.


4. Pure cotton
Pure cotton fabric sofas are natural and environmentally friendly, and are the varieties that are easy to get close to the skin. Therefore, this type of product has a certain market share. Usually, country-style pure cotton fabric sofas are more popular with consumers. In addition, the pure cotton fabric sofa has many fancy styles, and the color is very uniform. This material is easy to clean and can be washed by hand or by machine.


5. Cotton
The characteristics of cotton lun are bright color, durable and elastic. The fabric sofa made of this fabric can show the visual effect of silk, linen and even flannel, and the price is relatively moderate, which is favored by many people. When consumers buy, pay attention to the composition of the reference fabric, usually the larger the proportion of cotton, the better.