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Which four-piece fabric is more cost-effective?

In recent years, as people pay more attention to sleep comfort, the requirements for the four-piece bedside fabric have become higher. There are four-piece suits of various fabrics on the market, such as pure cotton, silk, Tencel, etc. Which fabric four-piece suit is more cost-effective?


1. Pure cotton cloth.
The cotton four-piece suit is the most common on the market, and it is also the most commonly purchased four-piece suit by consumers. It has very slender cotton fiber, which is soft and skin-friendly and very comfortable; its pure cotton fiber has extremely strong Water absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance, can absorb moisture in the air, make the fabric soft and comfortable, not stiff. At the same time, even if the cotton cloth is placed in an alkaline environment, the fiber will not change, and the alkali resistance is strong. The four-piece cleaning and disinfection, the four-piece dyeing, printing and various process processing, so the market The four-piece cotton suit has a variety of styles of four-piece suits.

However, it is worth noting that the general four-piece cotton suit has poor elasticity and is easy to wrinkle, shrink and deform. Therefore, you must choose a high-quality four-piece cotton suit.



2. Silk fabric.
The silk four-piece suit has the function of beauty and health care. Its silk protein fiber is rich in amino and amine groups and other hydrophilic factors. It has strong absorption and release ability and can regulate skin moisture. Second, it contains up to 97% silk fiber. It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids similar to human skin. It can promote the vitality of epithelial cells and nourish the skin. It can effectively prevent the four-piece sericin component of hair mites and molds. Sensitive and other effects. However, the price of fabrics with so many advantages will naturally not be low. The price of four-piece silk fabrics is relatively high, and there are many so-called four-piece silk suits on the market. Therefore, you must pay attention to discrimination when buying.


3. Tencel fabric
Tencel fabric refers to a fabric made of natural wood pulp fibers through a special process, which has the breathability of cotton, the strength of chemical fibers and the silky luster. Tencel cloth four-piece set is soft and draped. Unique touch. Hundred and dynamic. Breathable and moisture permeable. Plain and bright, anti-mite and anti-static. It is not easy to wrinkle. It is easy to take care of and wash. 100% pure natural materials, using environmentally friendly production The craftsmanship does not pollute the environment and does not harm the human body. It is a four-piece fabric that is very popular among modern people. However, the combination of tencel fiber fibrils is weak, and its fabric is inelastic. If it is mechanically rubbed, the outer fiber layer will break and form a hairy with a length of about 1 to 4 microns, which is more likely to be produced when it is wet. In severe cases, it can be tangled into cotton particles.